Yukio Ninagawa 2005 ~ 70 Years Running ~


Ninagawa Yukio 2005 〜 shissō suru 70-sai 〜


Network: WOWOW

Broadcast: 3 December 2005


Role: Himself (narrator)

This is a special documentary to commemorate the 70th birthday of director Yukio Ninagawa (whom Tatsuya has worked with numerous times over the years). Tatsuya features in the documentary in interviews and behind the scenes of his theatrical performances, but also acts as the narrator for the documentary.

This documentary along with 4 full-length recordings of his plays were released as part of a special DVD boxset titled ‘NINAGAWA vs COCOON’ to commemorate Ninagawa’s 7th year since he was appointed Artistic Director of the Bunkamura Theater Cocoon as well as his 70th birthday. The featured performances each came in a separate DVD  and were 『幻に心もそぞろ狂おしのわれら将門』,『KITCHEN キッチン』『メディア』(Media)『天保十二年のシェイクスピア』Shakespeare in the 12th year of Tempo (which Tatsuya features in).