Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi 30th Anniversary BOX ~ PREMIUM of the DOCUMENT

長渕剛 30th Anniversary BOX〜PREMIUM of the DOCUMENT

Nagabuchi tsuyoshi 30 th anivu~āsarī bokkusu 〜 puremiamu of the DOCUMENT


Distributor: Universal (ユニバーサル)

Released: 9 June 2010


Role: Himself (narrator)

Tatsuya is a massive fan of Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, singer-songwriter, actor, poet, and human-rights advocate, who is a prominent figure in Japanese popular music. He has sold more than 20 million records worldwide and has appeared in movies and television dramas.

In 2007, when Tatsuya attended a concert of his, Tsuyoshi brought him up on stage to sing one of his songs together.

Tsuyoshi then invited Tatsuya in 2010 to narrate a special edition box set to celebrate his 30th Anniversary. During the recording of the narration, Tsuyoshi also gifted Tatsuya a signed Takamine guitar of his.

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