To the Stars That Are Passed Down ~18 Year Old Yuki Kikuchi’s Truth~


Terementarī “kataritsugareru-boshi ni 〜 kikuchi tsuyoshi hoshi 18-sai no shinjitsu”


Network: Iwate Asahi Television (岩手朝日テレビ)

Broadcast: 11 January 2010


Role: Himself (narrator)

This is a documentary about 18 year old Japanese professional baseball pitcher, Yusei Kikuchi. His story is narrated by Tatsuya.

In October 2009, Kikuchi sparked controversy when it was announced that he was considering bypassing the amateur draft in Japan for the NPB and signing with an American Major League Baseball club. Under Major League Baseball’s current rules, Kikuchi would not have been subject to the MLB Draft and instead be declared a free agent, free to sign with any American team he wanted. Kikuchi would have been the first Japanese high school player to bypass the domestic amateur draft to come to MLB, but he decided to stay in Japan and enter the draft instead of playing in the United States.

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