SKY Presents Fujiwara Tatsuya’s Radio (ABC Radio)

Sky presents 藤原竜也のラジオ

Sky Presents Fujiwara Tatsuya no Rajio


Radio Station: Asahi Broadcasting Radio (朝日放送ラジオ)

Broadcast: 18 January 2019 – (weekly)


Role: Himself (host)

This is a weekly radio show hosted by Tatsuya and produced by Asahi Broadcasting Radio (ABC Radio).  The broadcasting time on ABC radio is every Friday 24:30-25:00 (Saturday 0:30-1:00, JST), but the broadcasting stations on the internet may have different times.

In 2015, Tatsuya became the face of Sky Corporation’s SKYSEA Client View. In 2019, he was approached to host an independent radio show for them. The program title and theme song were not decided on the first broadcast because it was started with the concept of “making a program together with Fujiwara and listeners from a blank state”.

Every Monday, the sound source of the latest broadcast and the sound source introducing the highlights of the next broadcast are published on the official website and twitter. In addition, a variety of novelty merchandise are available, which are rare on recent radio programs, and cushions, comforters, and pillows are also available. Listeners who tweet to the show while Tatsuya is recording will be awarded with the merchandise at his discretion.

You can listen to the show via the official website here.