Sherlock Holmes

シャーロック ホームズ

Shārokku hōmuzu


Writer: Kōki Mitani

Network: NHK

First Broadcast: 19th August 2014


Role: Hosmer Angel / Windibank (ホズマ・エンジェル、ウィンディバンク)

This is an animated puppet depiction of the famous Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, produced by NHK.

Tatsuya voices the character of James Windibank in episode 4.

Windibank was the villain in the short story “A Case of Identity”. He attempted to defraud his stepdaughter, Miss Mary Sutherland of her inheritance, via a complicated scheme in which he became engaged to her under the false identity of “Hosmer Angel” and then disappeared. His ruse was easily discovered by Sherlock Holmes, however; Holmes allowed him to go free, claiming that Windibank had committed no crime in the strict legal definition of the term. Holmes nevertheless predicts Windibank will continue a career in crime that will eventually lead him on the gallows.


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