Head of the Blowfish 

鱈々 - プゴテガリ (だらだら)
Pugotegari (Dara Dara)

Role: John (ジャーン) 

Director: Tamiya Kuriyama
Writer: Lee Kang Baek 

Performance Details

7 - 30 October 2016The Galaxy Theatre, Japan


The story centers around two men who have worked together for many years at the same warehouse; John (portrayed by Tatsuya) and Kim (Yusuke Yamamoto). Their work is monotonous everday, just managing the shipping containers as instructed. Neither know the contents of the boxes. John believes that the only way to confirm you are a valuable person is to fully complete the job given to you. However, Kim is fed up with the workload and each night goes out drinking and sleeping with women. One day, Kim's partner, Miss Darling (Yuri Nakamura) and her truck driver father (Katsumi Kiba) appear at the warehouse and change their monotonous lives.



Written in 1993 by South-Korean playwright Lee Kang Baek (이강백), this four-man play was entitled 북어대가리 (Bugeo daegari).

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