The Seagull


Role: Constantine Treplef (トレープレフ) 

Writer: Anton Chekhov 

Performance Details

20 June - 12 July 2008The Akasaka ACT Theatre, Japan
18 - 27 July 2008Theater BRAVA!, Osaka, Japan
06 - 08 August 2008Nagoya Wel City Hall, Japan


In 'The Seagull' the young artist, Constantine Treplef, seeks new forms, new modes of expression. He is tired of the old academic ways, the beaten track; he is disgusted with the endless imitative methods, no one apparently capable of an original thought.

Constantine has written a play; the principal part is to be acted by Nina, a beautiful girl with whom Constantine is in love. He arranges the first performance to take place on the occasion of his mother's vacation in the country...


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