Role: Orestes (オレステス) 

Director: Yukio Ninagawa
Writer: Euripides 

Performance Details

06 September - 01 October 2006Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon, Japan
06 - 16 October 2006Umeda Arts Theatre, Japan
21 - 24 October 2006Nagoya Wel City Hall, Japan


This is an Ancient Greek play written by Euripides that follows the events of Orestes after he had murdered his mother.

In accordance with the advice of the god Apollo, Orestes has killed his mother Clytemnestra to avenge the death of his father Agamemnon at her hands. Despite Apollo's earlier prophecy, Orestes finds himself tormented by Erinyes or Furies to the blood guilt stemming from his matricide. The only person capable of calming Orestes down from his madness is his sister Electra. To complicate matters further, a leading political faction of Argos wants to put Orestes to death for the murder. Orestes' only hope to save his life lies in his uncle Menelaus, who has returned with Helen after spending ten years in Troy and several more years amassing wealth in Egypt. In the chronology of events following Orestes, this play takes place after the events contained in plays such as Electra by Euripides or The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus, and before events contained in plays like The Eumenides by Aeschylus and Andromache by Euripides.