House of Candy

Okashi no Ie

Role: Takeda Musashi (武田武蔵) 

Director: Ishii Yuya, Ikeda Katsuhiko
Writer: Ishii Yuya, Tomai Yuichi 


Sakurai Taro (Odagiri) lost his parents early and has always lived with his grandmother Akiko (Yachigusa) in their little sweets store, Sakuraya in old parts of Tokyo. They're struggling to keep it in business and Taro idly spends most of his time with neighborhood friend, Saegusa Hiroki (Katsuji) who's an aspiring scriptwriter and regular customers like bathhouse manager Shimasaki (Shimada). One Day Taro's childhood friend and now single mother Kimura Reiko (Ono) comes back to the neighborhood after a divorce...



Aired 21 October - 23 December 2015 (10 Episodes - TBS).

Tatsuya appears in the second episode, aired on 28 October 2015.