The Last Revenge 

遺恨あり 明治十三年 最後の仇討
Ikon Ari ~ Meiji Juusan-nen Saigo no Adauchi

Role: Kurihara Minoru (栗原稔) 

Director: Minamoto Takashi
Writer: Minamoto Takashi, Goto Noriko 


This is the true story of the last officially recorded case of adauchi, when a young man avenged the death of his father by brutally killing the murderers in broad daylight. Samurai revenge killings, or adauchi, was considered a rightful and noble act of honor and virtue.But all that changed abruptly on February 7, 1873, when adauchi became prohibited as part of the Meiji Restoration's goal to Westernize Japan.



Aired 26 February 2011 (1 Episode - TV Asahi).