Piece Vote 

ピースボート -Piece Vote-

Role: Yu Wakiya (脇谷優) 

Director: Irie Yu
Writer: Higashino Keigo (novel), Hikawa Kayo 


Wakiya Hide's (Hamada Gaku) beloved, well-known older brother who is able to do everything, dies suddenly and leaves him, the useless brother behind. His life and his brother's were different. It has been a life in a "minor role" that would not draw anyone's attention. With the death of his brother, a man appears and accuses Wakiya of causing his brother's death. He unexpectedly loses consciousness, and finds himself on a ship called 'Piece Vote' when he comes to his senses. Someone calls out, "It's game time!" and requests that everyone tell him their real thoughts. The passengers confess to involuntary crimes which they had feigned ignorance of. Unbeknownst to the passengers aboard the ship, countless cameras have been installed in its interior, and these images are being transmitted all over Japan. They are on a perilous game which will be decided by the votes of spectators in Japan. Wakiya had no problems or grouses about his life in a minor role. That's what he had thought... until he went aboard the ship.



Aired 04 July - 19 September 2011 (12 Episodes - NTV).

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