Grandfather is 25 Years Old 

Ojiichan wa 25 Sai

Role: Kurihara Minoru (栗原稔) 

Director: Tanaka Makoto
Writer: Sakai Masaaki, Yamana Hirokazu, Kawabe Yuko 


Tatsuya stars as a man who was in an accident on a snowy mountain 46 years ago. His frozen body is discovered in the present day, and despite being actually 71 years old, he has the appearance and personality of a 25-year-old. He also learns that at his old home in Oshiage, Tokyo, his son (played by Katsumi Takahashi) is now 52 years old and is raising two children of his own - a 25-year-old son (Shunsuke Daito) and a 20-year-old daughter (Kana Kurashina).



Aired 15 - 25 November 2010 (8 Episodes - TBS).