大河ドラマ 新選組!

Role: Soji Okita (沖田総司) 

Director: Kazuhiko Shimizu, Kunio Yoshikawa, Masaya Iseda, Toshihiko Yamamoto, Hiroki Yoshida, Kobayashi Daiko, Shohei Doi, Takuya Shimizu
Writer: Koki Mitani 


The arrival of Commodore Perry's "Black Ships" rudely awakened Japan from 300 years of peaceful isolation from the world. Men set their eyes beyond Japan and began to demand change in society. Old clashed with the new, and thus began an age of turmoil. Amidst this confusion, one group remained true to the old ways and risked their lives to preserve the traditional shogunate system. Led by their charismatic captain, Kondo Isami, the Shinsengumi upheld the code of honor of the samurai. Tales abound of the feats of men like Kondo, Hijikata Toshizo, Saito Hajime, and Okita Soji. This NHK taiga drama brings to life the passion and glory of these men who lived during the most turbulent time in Japanese history.



Aired 11 January - 12 December 2004 (49 Episodes - NHK).

Shinsengumi took 370 days of filming.

NHK aired a three-part encore Shinsengumi! Highlights series in early January 2006. This special version is a rearrangement of 49 episodes tracing the footsteps of Shinsengumi, as seen by Mitsu, elder sister of Okita Soji who is one of important members of Shinsengumi. At the end of each part, Katori Shingo and other members in the drama will have a casual talk to introduce memories and stories during the production. All three parts aired on 03 January 2006.

NHK aired a sequal of Shinsengumi! on 03 January 2006. This sequel portrays the last day of Hijikata Toshizo, Vice Commander of Shinsengumi.