Role: Shinoda Kazuomi (篠田和臣) 

Director: Jiro Ikuno, Takenoshita Hiroshitsugi, Natsuki Imai, Masakazu Kimura
Writer: Keiko Nobumoto, Kamioka Kazumi, Aiuchi Mio, Naoko Ito, Iino Yoko 


Misaki, a sophomore transfer student arrives at Yokosuka High School and decides to join the Brass Band Club having heard of its prestigious past from her father, a former member. However, after her entry, Misaki finds that much has changed and the club is now full of dull and inactive students. Misaki determines to do her best to return the club to its glory days, but she must help many of the students overcome their personal problems. It all seems too daunting for Misaki to take on herself, but when she meets Yuki, a gifted sax player at the local US Army base, she recruits her, and together they gradually bring the club and all of its members to life.



Aired 09 April - 25 June 1999 (12 Episodes - TBS).

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