No Control

藤原竜也写真集 NO CONTROL



Released: 25 October 2005

ISBN-10: 4163675205

Dimensions: 30.5 x 23.5 x 2 cm

Pages: 80

Publisher: Bungeishunjū (文藝春秋)

This is Tatsuya’s 3rd solo photobook. It features photographs taken from May – July 2005 in Tokyo, Saitama, Osaka and New York (backstage when he was performing Yoroboshi and street scenes). There also feature some nude hotel scenes (which has become a bit of a theme with Tatsuya’s photobooks). The title ‘No Control’ comes from Tatsuya’s concept that it would be a photobook showing Tatsuya as he is; “no make up and without any stylists”.

The photobook is in portrait format, with an additional slip cover and obi strip. The photobook itself is hardback.

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