Yet MORE stars see Rain Man performance as Tokyo performances finish

05 August 2018


Shinji Takeda and Shun Oguri visit Tatsuya backstage, as the Tokyo performances of Rain Man come to a close.

As the Tokyo performances at the New National Theatre have now finished, the stage production will be moving on to perform around Japan in local theatres. Beginning at Shizuoka on 7th August and finishing at Aichi on 23rd August.

A full performance list can be seen below:

7 – 8 August 2018
Mishima Citizens Cultural Center (Yu Yu Hall), Shizuoka

11 – 12 August 2018
Kurume City Plaza, Fukuoka

14 – 15 August 2018
Hotel Mielparque Osaka, Osaka

18 – 19 August 2018
Natori Performing Arts Center (Great Hall), Miyagi

22 – 23 August 2018
Misono-za, Aichi

Tickets for some of the performances are still available from: http://hpot.jp/stage/rainman2018


Long-time friends of Tatsuya’s, Shinji Takeda and Shun Oguri also visited the production on 2nd August. Takeda posted the following photo on his instagram (@shinji.takeda):

2018.8.2. The stage “Rain Man” was wonderful! Everything was great!!  You should absolutely see!!! In the dressing room (^ – ^)


Kiita (きいた) also posted a message alongside a photograph with Tatsuya outside his dressing room:

I have been watching the stage Rain Man starring Tatsuya Fujiwara.
I was pleased to meet you for the first time.
The content of the stage production was also very deep!
Thank you for seeing me even though you were tired.


Toru Nakamura was also seen pictured on Kippei Shiina’s instagram (@kippeishiina)


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