Teniamaru scheduled to perform

06 September 2020


Tatsuya’s latest stage production, 『てにあまる』has been scheduled to perform from Dec 2020 – Jan 2021.

It has been announced today that the long awaited new stage production, 『てにあまる』(literally translated as ‘beyond one’s control’) will be performed across four venues from 19th December 2020 – 27th January 2021 (a total of 19 performances have been scheduled so far).

The production will be the second time that Tatsuya has co-starred with Akira Emoto, who will also be directing the production; the first time was in the 2015-16 production of『とりあえず、お父さん』(Relatively Speaking). The play was written by Shu Matsui, who is known for plays that have challenged and satirized everyday life in contemporary Japan. Tatsuya’s other co-stars will be Yui Sakuma (Transit Girls) and Mahiro Takasugi (Kamen Rider).

The play is about a man (Tatsuya) who comes to the house of an old man who lives alone (Emoto). The man, who runs a venture company, has bought the old man home, so they start living together. The man tells his subordinate (Takasugi) that the old man is his “housekeeper.” One day, the man’s separated wife (Sakuma) comes over to discuss divorce. Although his wife is suspicious of the old man, she knows that the old man is actually the man’s father.

Writer Matsui says of the production, “If Mr. Emoto and Mr. Fujiwara team up, I know something unexpected will surely happen. Covid-19 has already affected the drama, so we had to wait half a year, but these things can’t be helped. The title “Teniamaru” may well represent the circumstances as well as the content of the play!”

Tatsuya said of being directed by Emoto, “For the first time on stage with Akira Emoto in 2015, I felt a strange energy that I had never experienced before. I remember desperately trying to keep up with his energy.  I’m really looking forward to co-starring again this time for the first time in five years, but especially I’m really looking forward to receiving his direction this time! It is a great honor for me to be directed by Emoto even though I am not a member of his theater company (Tokyo Battery, founded in 1976). I can’t imagine the script written by Shu Matsui, who spent a lot of time on “Rainman” (directed by Shu Matsui in 2018), but I want to try it while feeling the joy of trying a new work.”

Takasugi said of working with Tatsuya, “I’m glad I’ll be working with Fujiwara for the first time. A production where I can stand on the stage with seniors that I have admired for a long long will be tense, but beyond my imagination.”


Performance schedule:

19 December 2020 - 9 January 2021 Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo
16 - 17 January 2021 Tosu Civic Center, Kyushu
19 - 24 January 2021 Shin Kabukiza, Osaka
26 - 27 January 2021 Kariya Cultural Center Iris, Nagoya


Tickets will go on sale from 24th October 2020 (available here).

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