Tatsuya interview for Hot Pepper Beauty Magazine

23 April 2020


“In Bulgaria, I was hung at the height of the 5th floor of the building all day long (laughs).”

Tatsuya has recently been interviewed for Hot Pepper Beauty Magazine ホットペッパービューティーマガジン, see the full translated interview below:


I’m not good with water, dark places or heights. Unfortunately, all my fears were realised (laughs)

Q: It seems that for the movie “The Sun Stands Still”, you spent a month filming in Bulgaria. What was the most impressive meal you had?

Bulgaria’s meals include a lot of yogurt. I definitely had it for breakfast a lot. However, no matter where I go abroad, I always go to a Japanese restaurant from the first day (laughs). I didn’t eat at most of the local ones, so a Japanese ramen shop was my favourite. There, I ate a lot of yakiniku (grilled meat).


Q: It’s your first time working with Ryoma Takeuchi. What kind of impression do you have?

He was very serious and reliable. After shooting all day on-site, he would ask, “Tatsuya-san, will you go for training?” or “Do you want to run?” I stayed with him a lot of the time and he pushed me.

Q: How did you find the filming overall?

First of all, I’m afraid of heights, and I hate water and dark places. For this reason, it was probably the worst! (laughs) In Bulgaria, I was hung at the height of the 5th floor of the building all day long, for a scene with Hayato Ichihara, but he said, “Tatsuya-kun, I’m starting to tremble around the third floor, can I stop?” (laughs). He seemed to be suffering more than me, but because I was shivering as part of filming, he did his best for me.

After I had been shooting for half a year, I returned to Japan, but Director Hasumi (Eiichiro) grinned, “Fujiwara-kun, you hate water, don’t you? It’s going to be great tomorrow, so please look forward to it~!” Awful, huh? (laughs) Actually, in that scene, I was in water with a temperature of -5 ° C up to a height of 180 cm (I’m 178cm!). Why do you need to keep it at -5 ° C! (laughs). It wasn’t fun anymore because it was taller than me and I couldn’t even reach my feet! (laughs) The movie is full of action scenes, but there was very little CGI, it was really that height and real cold water. I was really immersed in the sea. It is an undersea scene that surpasses even Umizaru (海猿). In this movie, I thought that I had become Hideaki Ito (laughs).

Three questions to Tatsuya Fujiwara!

Q: How did you build up your body for the role?

One year before the start of this shoot, I heard from Director Hasumi that “I want to show a firm body with muscular muscles,” so I increased my weight and exercised at least five times a week. I still train regularly.

Q: What is your usual diet?

When we have a day off, we start having dinner around 5pm. I usually skipped lunch in order to eat a delicious dinner (laughs). I don’t recommended that for people, but it might be good to eat earlier.

Q: You have the impression that you like alcohol, but what is your favorite these days?

I’ve been liking wine recently. I used to say that my ideal day off is to read Shakespeare while drinking red wine. However, people around me told me, “You only drink shochu” (laughs). So, in reality I actually read Jūrō Kara while drinking shochu.


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Translated by Pan for RDTF

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