41st Japan Academy Awards

03 March 2018


Tatsuya nominated for Best Actor award at the 41st Japan Academy Awards, for his role in Memoirs of a Murderer.

Tatsuya appeared at the 41st Japan Academy Awards for his nomination for the Best Actor award on 2nd March for his role as Masato Sonezaki in Memoirs of a Murderer.

As part of the ceremony, Tatsuya relayed a message to his fans on his staff Twitter account in a photograph with fellow Horipro actor and long-time friend, Satoshi Tsumabuki:

“Today, I was a the Japan Academy Awards!

Although, regrettably, I did not win the award, it was a good day surrounded by wonderful actors and staff. It made me realise the charm of the movie industry. Congratulations everyone!

Satoshi Tsumabuki & Fujiwara Tatsuya’s long-awaited Horipro photo.”



Tatsuya also left a cryptic message, stating “I would like to continue doing movies again this year.
(Maybe there will be an announcement …?)”

I think we can look forward to a new movie announcement soon!

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