#Movie News


Tokyo release of Kaiji: Final Game

Tatsuya and the cast of Kaiji Final Game appeared on stage in Tokyo for the cinema release of the movie today.


Kaiji: Final Game is released in Japanese cinemas

  Watch the full trailer for Kaiji Final Game – out today in Japanese cinemas!


4000 people attend the preview of Okuotoko (Million Dollar Man) 億男

Tatsuya and the cast of Okuotoko (Million Dollar Man) 億男 have taken a selfie with 4000 people who attended the preview.


Shottan, The Miracle – Tatsuya releases promotional video

Tatsuya has released a supportive promotional video for the upcoming movie Shottan, The Miracle (which will be released in 3 days)


Okuotoko drops a new extended trailer

It has been announced that Bump of Chicken will provide the theme song for the upcoming film starring Takeru Satoh.


The Sun Does Not Move – New movie & drama series announcement for 2020

WOWOW announces a new movie & drama series starring Tatsuya, based on the novel The Sun Does Not Move by Shuichi Yoshida for 2020


Million Dollar Man Trailer released

A trailer for Tatsuya’s upcoming movie Million Dollar Man has been released today.


Tatsuya listed as supporting cast in new ‘Shottan, The Miracle’ movie

Tatsuya has been announced as a supporting role in the upcoming movie Shottan, The Miracle (泣き虫しょったんの奇跡) which is set to be released in Japanese cinemas on 7th September 2018.


Filming finishes for 『Diner ダイナー』

Mika Ninagawa, director of Diner, completed filming and posted on instagram about the movie.


Tatsuya announces new film「Diner ダイナー」

Tatsuya announced on his birthday that he is currently working on filming a new movie directed by Mika Ninagawa.