#Movie News


New trailer released for The Sun Stands Still

Warner Bros. have released a new trailer for the postponed film, now due to be released March 2021.


Kaiji: Final Game Blu-ray & DVD release

The official Blu-ray and DVD are available from today!


Tatsuya interview for Hot Pepper Beauty Magazine

“In Bulgaria, I was hung at the height of the 5th floor of the building all day long (laughs).”


The Sun Stands Still is postponed

It was announced today that the cinema release of The Sun Stands Still (the movie) has been postponed.


The Sun Stands Still – Eclipse – poster released

An official poster has been released for the drama


Kaiji: Final Game reaches 1.4 million views

Director Toya Sato has announced today about the movie, which is currently showing in cinemas.


Just two months to go until The Sun Stands Still!!

Tatsuya and Ryoma Takeuchi have filmed a special message to announce there are just two months to go until the release of The Sun Stands Still!


D’URBAN releases special content videos & CMs

Tatsuya and Kotaro Yoshida have recently appeared as the faces of the brand D’URBAN, who have released special content videos & web CMs today.


New stills released for The Sun Stands Still

New promotional stills from the movie have been released today!


The Sun Stands Still Photobook – 2nd image released

Another image has been released for The Sun Stands Still photobook (currently on pre-release, due to be available from 16th April 2020).