This site began life way way back in 2003 (it was first launched on 26th April to be exact). At first it was just a few pages of information and images about Tatsuya as part of a bigger collective of fansites. Then, as it grew and started to be more of a current news site about Tatsuya and his work, I decided it should have its own separate dedicated site and was given the name of Rising Dragon Tatsuya Fujiwara (aka: 昇竜藤原竜也 or RDTF).

If you have followed RDTF since its early beginnings, you may have noticed a few changes over the years. It used to be hosted on, then, and now on its own domain (



My name Pan.

I first 'found' Tatsuya after watching Battle Royale. I collect postcards, and had picked up one for the movie in our local indie cinema (only because I recognised Takeshi Kitano!). It is a poignant memory for me because it was the day before my Grandmother's funeral - we had rented the DVD the week before - I couldn't sleep, so I watched it for the first time that night. This was the first time I saw Tatsuya, and I have been following his work ever since.

In 2010, I saw Tatsuya on stage for the first time! I went to see the London performance of Musashi on 6th May. I was in the front row, which - even though it meant I had to crane my neck to read the sur-titles to either side of the stage - was absolutely brilliant! I was literally an arms length away from Tatsuya and the other actors throughout the whole performance and have to say it was so captivating I had to remind myself to blink most of the night.

In 2015, I saw Tatsuya perform on stage at the Barbican a second time (this time in Hamlet). Knowing the story of Hamlet, and having a better grasp of Japanese, made it much easier to focus on the beautiful stage and actors. I was a little further away, up in the side balcony, but the performance is one I will remember for the rest of my life.

Whilst I do not foresee that I will ever meet the wonderful man himself, I will continue to support Tatsuya for as long as he continues to work and hope that this site offers a place of community to other fans of Tatsuya and his many wonderful accomplishments.

Why did I create this site?

I first saw Tatsuya (like most fans from the west) in Battle Royale. I was blown away by his emotional portrayal of Shuya and needed to find out more about him. It was then I noticed there weren't many fansites dedicated to him, and none were in English - so I decided to create one. And the rest is what you see before you today!

In 2013, I took a break from the site すみません (_ _). My decision to do this didn't happen over night, I had felt for a while that I didn't have enough time to dedicate to updating RDTF and it was a feeling that 'something's got to give' and so unfortunately, I put RDTF to one side. I spent my time away from the site seriously considering what to do as I had given a lot of time and energy to building it (by this time, RDTF had turned 10 years old). I thought sometimes that I might leave the site online as a shrine to Tatsuya, at other times I thought it would be better to delete it all...

But, by chance in January 2015, I decided to look up and see what Tatsuya was doing. I went onto his official website and saw that he was coming again to London to perform at the Barbican (this time in Hamlet)! I bought the tickets straight away and since then, I have been working on the site you now see before you. A new, re-boot of RDTF; one that I hope will provide more news, information and updates about Tatsuya than ever before! I hope it will be an information database as well as a place that English-speaking Tatsuya fans can share together. This time, I'm not going to put any pressure on myself, and update as and when I can so that it is still a fun place for me to be involved in too!


If you would like to contact Pan about anything to do with Tatsuya or this site, please do! I am also available to contact via the RDTF twitter or facebook pages.


Please bear in mind I am not Tatsuya, have no contact with Tatsuya nor do I know how that isn't already stated on this site. As much as I'd like to be able to, I cannot relay messages you have for Tatsuya to him or his management. I'm just a fan - like you!


The following people & sites need to be thanked for helping me to make Rising Dragon - without whom it would not be what it is today:

Without Tatsuya and his wonderful talents this site would obviously never have been made. But, I'm thanking him not only for the this, I am thanking him for continually being an influence and inspiration. Keep going Tatsuya!!! I will always be your fan!!

達也と彼の素晴らしい才能がなければ、このサイトは明らかに作られなかったでしょう。 しかし、私は彼にこれだけでなく、継続的に影響力とインスピレーションを与えてくれたことに感謝しています。 達也を続けて! 私はいつもあなたのファンになります!!


Without visitors, this site has no purpose. I am continually in awe of all the kind comments you have given me, and your contributions to this site (even if you only visit it a few times) will be there to remind me that I need to keep on going. Thank you for your support!

訪問者がいなければ、このサイトには何の目的もありません。 私はあなたが私に与えてくれたすべての親切なコメントに絶えずa敬の念を抱いており、このサイトへのあなたの貢献は(たとえあなたがそれを数回しか訪問しなくても)私が続けることを思い出させてくれるでしょう。 ご協力ありがとうございます!


For finding lots of information about Tatsuya & translating it for us. For helping me with translating many of the videos. And mostly, for suggesting the name 'Rising Dragon' to the site!

達也に関するたくさんの情報を見つけて、翻訳してくれました。 多くのビデオの翻訳を手伝ってくれました。 そして、主に、サイトに「昇竜 」という名前を提案するために!


For donating many of things towards this website (including scans, translations and news/information) as well as holding the forte for me in the Livejournal Community when I disappeared!



For listening to me constantly spouting 'did you know...?' facts about Tatsuya as I have been building this site over the years and coming with me to see him live (twice) in London.

妹のケイトに、「知っていましたか?」 私が長年このサイトを構築し、ロンドンでライブ(2回)を見るために私と一緒にやってきた竜也の事実。