DINER ダイナー

Role: Bombero (ボンベロ)

Director: Mika Ninagawa
Writer: Yumeaki Hirayama


The story follows Kanako Oba, who, bored with her clerical job responds to an elusive online advert for part-time work which "may entail some risk". Hired by a couple to be the driver of the getaway car in a cash heist, she soon finds herself entangled in a nightmarish world, gets nabbed by a gang of men and is about to be buried alive in a hole she herself has dug, when an unidentified benefactor pays for her deliverance. She is taken to a mafia-run restaurant owned by Bombero (Tatsuya), a former hit man turned master chef whose only clientele are assassins. Kanako is to work as a waitress under the one condition that if she disobeys him, she will be killed on the spot.


This movie is based on the novel "Diner" by Yumeaki Hirayama.

Filming began 24th April 2018 and finishes in early June 2018. The production was announced on Tatsuya's birthday (15th May 2018).

The movie will be directed by acclaimed photographer and film director Mika Ninagawa (who is the daughter of the late Yukio Ninagawa).

To be released in 2019.