Expedition Party's Glory 

Tankentai no Eiko 

Role: Sugisaki Masao (杉崎正雄) 

Director: Toru Yamamoto
Writer: Gen Araki (novel) 


Sugisaki is an actor already past his prime. He lands a job as the lead in a TV program. The television program ventures into unexplored territories to locate a legendary UMA (unidentified mysterious animal). Initially, Sugisaki just goes along with the staff who lack a specific plan. Sugisaki soon engages his leadership position in the program and takes his job seriously.



Based on the novel "Tankentai no Eiko" by Gen Araki (published September, 2012 by Shogakukan).

Filming finished April 29, 2015.

Film released October 16, 2015 (Japan).

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