A Man with Style 

Azemichi no Dandi 

Role: Miyata's colleague (宮田の同僚) - Cameo 

Director: Yuya Ishii
Writer: Yuya Ishii 


As a young child, 13-year-old Junichi Miyata was bullied at school and cried easily. He made a promise to himself that he would grow up into a "cool guy" - not so easily displaying his emotions.

Now as a middle-aged man, Junichi Miyata works as a driver for a parcel delivery company. He lives with his two kids, unemployed 19-year-old Toshiya & 18-year-old Momoko. Junichi's wife passed away from stomach cancer several years earlier. Junichi now finds it difficult to communicate with his kids and he's worried that he has cancer like his late wife. Junichi then visits old friend Sanada to talk about his problems. Miyata hopes to graduate from college and build fond memories with his children before it's too late.



Released in cinemas 18th June 2011 (Japan).