Junk + Funk


Released: 6 March 2002


During the release of his first popular movie (Battle Royale) Tatsuya was gaining more and more popularity throughout Asia. This is a DVD compliation of two short films created to promote Tatsuya's two sides. JUNK is a short film shot on location in Hong Kong - showing a solitary Tatsuya running through downtown streets and getting mysterious phone calls. FUNK is, in effect, JUNK's 'Making-Of' - showing Tatsuya's more silly side as he buys souvenirs and has his photograph taken.

Note: The footage was shot on two seperate days (Junk: 17 June 1999 & Funk: 18 August 1999) and was originally released as two seperate VHS videos in 1999. This compilation was released in 2002 on one DVD.