Tatsuya to appear with Kankuro Nakamura in the New Year

Tatsuya and his friend Kankuro Nakamura will appear on Fuji TV’s Nakamura Shichinosuke’s 勘九郎・七之助の2018年極め付け 座・中村屋 ~酒と涙と笑いの宴~ (literal translation: Sake and Tears and Laughter Feast).

Kankuro and Tatsuya have been good friends since their 20s when they starred together in Shinsengumi! (2004). They have since worked together in a number of productions, including Zen (2009) and Good-For-Nothing Takuboku (2011). Since first meeting, more than 10 years have now passed and they talk about fond memories of being young actors together. Tatsuya says he doesn’t foresee a time, even when he is an old man, that he won’t go to meet up with Kankuro.

The show will be broadcast on Fuji TV, Thurs 4th January (1.45pm – 3pm).


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