Tatsuya to appear on Bokura no jidai


Tatsuya is going to appear on Fuji TV’s Bokura no Jidai 「ボクらの時代」alongside Musashi co-stars Kotaro Yoshida and Junpei Mizobata. All three actors have worked alongside legendary director Yukio Ninagawa and are due to begin performances of Musashi in February.



Bokura no Jidai (roughly translated as Our Age / Our Time) is a program where three people of a similar background come together to discuss accomplishments. Past episodes have featured scholars, designers, businessmen, policitican and directors. During this episode Tatsuya, Junpei and Kotaro will discuss anything that they decide (there is no host so the guests are in complete control of the conversation). It is a relaxing Sunday morning program. As of this announcement the episode has not yet been filmed, so we do not know what they will talk about!

The program will show on Sunday 28th January, 7am – 7.30am on Fuji TV.

Source: Fujitv.co.jp/jidai


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