Tatsuya Fujiwara becomes “25-year-old grandfather”

Actor Tatsuya Fujiwara (28) is taking on his first role in a TV comedy series, titled “Ojiichan wa 25 Sai.” The show is being directed by Yasuo Baba, whose past works include the films “Watashi wo Ski Ni Tsuretette” and “Bubble e Go!! Time Machine wa Drum Shiki.”

Fujiwara stars as a man who was in an accident on a snowy mountain 46 years ago. His frozen body is discovered in the present day, and despite being actually 71 years old, he has the appearance and personality of a 25-year-old. He also learns that at his old home in Oshiage, Tokyo, his son (played by Katsumi Takahashi) is now 52 years old and is raising two children of his own – a 25-year-old son (Shunsuke Daito) and a 20-year-old daughter (Kana Kurashina).

Naturally, Fujiwara’s character knows nothing about the past 46 years, so things such as mobile phones and concepts such as hikikomori are completely new to him.

The series will have a short run on TBS, starting on November 15 and ending on November 25. For those two weeks, it will air on Mondays through Thursdays at 11:50pm, for a total of 8 half-hour episodes.

Source: Tokyograph.com

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