Tatsuya appears on Tales of the Unusual

It was announced that Tatsuya will appear for the first time in the series ‘Tales of the Unusual’ 2017 Fall Special Edition 世にも奇妙な物語’17秋の特別編, which will be broadcast by Fuji TV on Friday 14th.

In Tezuka Osamu’s original episode ‘Voice of the Night’ 夜の声 he will play a man who lives a dual life, both of a homeless man and a large IT company CEO.

Tatsuya said of the popular series, which spans the last 27 years (since 1990) – “I am surprised that it is filmed on such a tight schedule. I am impressed with the teamwork of the cast and staff who work well united together and focused.”

In addition, concerning his character who lives at both ends of life – “Analysts say that there is a strong longing for a different world than the one you have. If you are an ordinary person, you are always striving to be part of the winning group, but don’t notice that there is something missing in your heart. It is part of the human condition to long for something, and convince yourself that a better life will make you happy. I think this kind of story is unique to Tezuka Osamu.”

This episode is part of a special edition to be aired in Autumn, including three other stories, “Freestyle Mother” starring Miho Nakayama, “Terashima” starring Riho Yoshioka and “Fate Detector” starring Takanori Iwata.


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