Excite.jp review Reverse

Excite.jp has released a review of Tatsuya’s latest drama Reverse (リバース) which focuses on Tatsuya’s brilliant portrayal of his character Kazuhisa Fukase.

Three of the main points they picked up on were:

1) The appearance is perfectly “Fukase”
Every outfit gives the perfect sense of the character. There are many ways in which his outfits could be ‘cute’ on someone else, potentially even fashionable. But the way the colour of Nordic print is often paired with a matching shirt (poking out of the top) seems just slightly off. Also how his clothes appear a size too big, and he doesn’t roll up his sleeves even when it’s hot, is just a perfect added touch to his character.

2) His mannerisms are perfectly “Fukase”
From the dorky way he is first introduced to the way he oddly eats and drinks. When sitting, holding his bag with both hands on his lap. The way he takes off his coat awkwardly, all things you see in daily life but rarely so well executed in a drama or movie. Tatsuya’s ability to add these small things to his character is an art form.

3) The voice and thought pattern of Fukase
From the scenes where Fukase is in a big group of people, or from the photographs from University life – Fukase always seems out of place. For such a gentle character, he is always the place your eye is drawn to. For example, he is the person to help an elderly lady pick up her dropped change in the street, when everyone else just walks by. In most dramas, there are not many characters that are understood by the viewer as well as Fukase.

– A translated excerpt from the article by 田幸和歌子
View the full article here: http://exci.to/2qJ6xE9
Aside from Pan: I am completely in love with this drama! I have never seen Tatsuya play such a character and I’m adoring every minute of his portrayal of Fukase!

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