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News from backstage of Rain Man stage production

01 August 2018

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Manami Higa & Erika Toda among the audience of Tatsuya’s latest stage production Rain Man.

Kippei Shiina has been posting photographs on his instagram (@kippeishiina) from backstage of the recent performances of Rain Man, including two from Code Blue the Movie co-stars Manami Higa & Erika Toda.

This comes after a number of stars have been enjoying the performances over the past month.


Kippei & Tatsuya with Manami Higa (who is due to star alongside Tatsuya in Platonov).


Kippei & Tatsuya with Erika Toda. Erika and Tatsuya have worked together in the movie Death Note (2006) and more recently in the TV drama Reverse (2017).


The co-stars have also recently appeared on Japanese morning television ZIP! discussing the stage production, and their first impressions of each other before meeting. Here you can also see clips of the performances:

Kippei says before he first met Tatsuya, he was really looking forward to it. Tatsuya responded jokingly that he thought Shiina-san was charming, but a little scary.


Rain Man is due to complete performances on 4th August, at the New National Theatre, Tokyo. New dates have also been added for performances in Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Osaka, Miyagi and Aichi.

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