2011 to be Koki Mitani’s year

Director and writer Koki Mitani (“The Uchoten Hotel,” “The Magic Hour”) is turning 50 next year, and to celebrate that fact, he has announced big plans for 2011. His project, called the “Mitani Koki Daikanshasai,” involves him releasing a total of 7 works across various media over the course of one year.

It was already announced last month that he is working on a new movie called “Suteki na Kanashibari,” starring Eri Fukatsu (37). In addition to that film, he will write and direct four plays and a television drama, and will write his first original novel in 20 years.

The first play, titled “Rokudenashi Takuboku,” will start next January with Tatsuya Fujiwara (28) as the star. The next one will be “Kokumin no Eiga,” apparently starring Fumiyo Kohinata (56). The other two plays are titled “Bedge Pardon” and “90 Minutes.”

The television drama will be called “Walking Talking” and will be broadcast on WOWOW. Mitani has reportedly said that he would like to shoot the 90-minute drama in a single take.

The novel has been given the title “KIYOSU,” though other details have not yet been announced.

Source: Tokyograph.com

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