Tatsuya as “Kuzu” in Memoirs of a Murderer

On the role of Masato Sonezaki in his new film ‘Memoirs of a Murderer’ 22年目の告白 -私が殺人犯です-

“He is a strange man. But he is also a man that many people can sympathize with.”

He is a character who seems to be able to appeal as much as possible from his surroundings, although he has experienced many different types of scenes. His expressions are very subtle, they blur the emotions and sorrows. It is a restrained performance.

When informed that over the years he has become the face of the “Kuzu” character (クズ – loosely translatable as the baddies or losers) Tatsuya responded –

“I don’t think so! It is not something I have pursued in my career. There is an infinite approach to the so-called ‘dark role’. For me, it’s simple, I will read the script exactly and trace the feelings of the role one by one, it’s not that difficult a task. There is no way to predict the roles you will receive as an actor, or the image they project for your career.”


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