41st Japan Academy Awards

Tatsuya appeared at the 41st Japan Academy Awards for his nomination for the Best Actor award on 2nd March for his role as Masato Sonezaki in Memoirs of a Murderer.

As part of the ceremony, Tatsuya relayed a message to his fans on his staff Twitter account in a photograph with fellow Horipro actor and long-time friend, Satoshi Tsumabuki:

“Today, I was a the Japan Academy Awards!

Although, regrettably, I did not win the award, it was a good day surrounded by wonderful actors and staff. It made me realise the charm of the movie industry. Congratulations everyone!

Satoshi Tsumabuki & Fujiwara Tatsuya’s long-awaited Horipro photo.”



Tatsuya also left a cryptic message, stating “I would like to continue doing movies again this year.
(Maybe there will be an announcement …?)”

I think we can look forward to a new movie announcement soon!

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