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Tatsuya interview for Hot Pepper Beauty Magazine

“In Bulgaria, I was hung at the height of the 5th floor of the building all day long (laughs).”


Tatsuya assures fans that he is recording safely

Tatsuya’s radio production is still going ahead with added safety measures.


The Sun Stands Still is postponed

It was announced today that the cinema release of The Sun Stands Still (the movie) has been postponed.


The Sun Stands Still – Eclipse – poster released

An official poster has been released for the drama


Fujiwara Tatsuya VS Matsuyama Kenichi Showdown

It’s the match we have all been waiting for!


Kaiji: Final Game reaches 1.4 million views

Director Toya Sato has announced today about the movie, which is currently showing in cinemas.


Just two months to go until The Sun Stands Still!!

Tatsuya and Ryoma Takeuchi have filmed a special message to announce there are just two months to go until the release of The Sun Stands Still!


D’URBAN releases special content videos & CMs

Tatsuya and Kotaro Yoshida have recently appeared as the faces of the brand D’URBAN, who have released special content videos & web CMs today.


New stills released for The Sun Stands Still

New promotional stills from the movie have been released today!


Horipro stars launch Japanese Folk Tales

Horipro have recently re-launched a series of Japanese Folk Tales, narrated by Horipro stars for children who cannot go out due to the coronavirus.


Yoshida Kotaro x Fujiwara Tatsuya for D’URBAN 50th Anniversary

Tatsuya and Kotaro Yoshida are representing ‘Inheritance’ for the No.1 suit brand in Japan – D’URBAN.


This week on SKY Presents Fujiwara Tatsuya’s radio

This week’s guest will be actor and author, Akio Seki.


3rd Season of Kaido series announced!

Tatsuya has announced the third season of his 「カイドウ」(Kaidō / Road) series will begin showing on Wednesday 15th April 2020 by TV Tokyo.


The Sun Stands Still Photobook – 2nd image released

Another image has been released for The Sun Stands Still photobook (currently on pre-release, due to be available from 16th April 2020).


Town Work – 3rd Commercial

Tatsuya has recently been involved again in promoting ‘Town Work’ タウンワーク – Japan’s largest recruiting site for part time workers.


Sleepless Children of the Uzugamori Estate on WOWOW

Broadcasting today on WOWOWステージ at 5pm: 『渦が森団地の眠れない子たち』.


Las Vegas Battle! “Naoya Inoue x Tatsuya Fujiwara” talk

Boxing WBA Super & IBF world bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue and actor Tatsuya Fujiwara will have a special WOWOW program on April 26 2020.


Tokyo release of Kaiji: Final Game

Tatsuya and the cast of Kaiji Final Game appeared on stage in Tokyo for the cinema release of the movie today.


Kaiji: Final Game is released in Japanese cinemas

  Watch the full trailer for Kaiji Final Game – out today in Japanese cinemas!





Fujiwara Tatsuya’s SEKANDOU – First episode teaser

The trailer for Tatsuya’s new series 【藤原竜也の二回道】 (Fujiwara Tatsuya’s SEKANDOU) has been released today…


Platonov launches Twitter account

Platonov stage production has launched its Twitter account @platonov_stage


4000 people attend the preview of Okuotoko (Million Dollar Man) 億男

Tatsuya and the cast of Okuotoko (Million Dollar Man) 億男 have taken a selfie with 4000 people who attended the preview.


Tatsuya films the opening credits of Fujiwara Tatsuya’s Second Road

Tatsuya is filming the introduction / opening scene of his new TV series today.


Tatsuya annouces Fujiwara Tatsuya’s Second Road

TV Tokyo has announced a sequel to Tatsuya’s popular Fujiwara Tatsuya’s One Road 藤原竜也の一回道.


Shottan, The Miracle – Tatsuya releases promotional video

Tatsuya has released a supportive promotional video for the upcoming movie Shottan, The Miracle (which will be released in 3 days)


Okuotoko drops a new extended trailer

It has been announced that Bump of Chicken will provide the theme song for the upcoming film starring Takeru Satoh.


Fan Club meet-up in Kyoto

Tatsuya has celebrated again with his Fan Club during a meet-up in Kyoto.


‘Rain Man’ closes curtains in Aichi

‘Rain Main’ レインマン has now completed performances…


Yet MORE stars see Rain Man performance as Tokyo performances finish

Shinji Takeda and Shun Oguri visit Tatsuya backstage, as the Tokyo performances of Rain Man come to a close.


News from backstage of Rain Man stage production

Manami Higa & Erika Toda among the audience of Tatsuya’s latest stage production Rain Man.


The Sun Does Not Move – New movie & drama series announcement for 2020

WOWOW announces a new movie & drama series starring Tatsuya, based on the novel The Sun Does Not Move by Shuichi Yoshida for 2020


Haruto Maeda & Ryoma Takeuchi visit Tatsuya in Rain Man

Haruto Maeda and Ryoma Takeuchi have been in amongst the audience of Tatsuya’s latest stage production Rain Man this July.


Million Dollar Man Trailer released

A trailer for Tatsuya’s upcoming movie Million Dollar Man has been released today.


Rain Man cast celebrate opening performance

The cast of Rain Man celebrate the first performance of the stage production with a flower bouquet from fans.


Horipro announces『プラトーノフ』Platonov

Tatsuya will work alongside Saki Takaoka, Manami Higa, Aki Maeda and Aoi Nakabeppu in the upcoming stage production ‘Platonov’.


Rain Man cast celebrate Naoko Yoshimoto’s birthday together

Tatsuya and the cast of the Rain Man stage production celebrate Naoko Yoshimoto’s birthday with a cake.


Tatsuya listed as supporting cast in new ‘Shottan, The Miracle’ movie

Tatsuya has been announced as a supporting role in the upcoming movie Shottan, The Miracle (泣き虫しょったんの奇跡) which is set to be released in Japanese cinemas on 7th September 2018.


Rain Man begins rehearsals

Rain Man, a stage production directed by Shū Matsui, and starring Tatsuya and Kippei Shiina has begun rehearsals.


Filming finishes for 『Diner ダイナー』

Mika Ninagawa, director of Diner, completed filming and posted on instagram about the movie.


Tatsuya announces new film「Diner ダイナー」

Tatsuya announced on his birthday that he is currently working on filming a new movie directed by Mika Ninagawa.


Double Peace – Tatsuya thanks fans for Birthday messages

Tatsuya has communicated via his @fujiwara_staff twitter account to say thank you to his fans for sharing many birthday messages


Happy Birthday to Tatsuya!

Happy Birthday to Tatsuya who turned 36 today!


Tatsuya’s passion for the stage [Model Press Interview]

Tatsuya interviewed by Model Press for his upcoming role in ‘Rain Man’ alongside Kippei Shiina.


Rainman announces additional dates & new promo

The official Rainman twitter account has announced an additional date for the production as well as unveiling a new promotional image.


Celebrating 15 years of RDTF!

Rising Dragon Tatsuya Fujiwara first launched 15 years ago on 26th April 2003!


JRA-VAN releases new CM starring Tatsuya

JRA-VAN have released a new commercial starring Tatsuya for their ‘Data that will change you’ campaign.


New commercials launched for Kao Healthier

Tatsuya has appeared in three new adverts for Kao Healthier’s ‘Healthya Green Tea’.


Cast hold press conference for ‘Rain Man’

‘Rain Man’, a new stage production starring Tatsuya and Kippei Shiina announced with press conference.


Musashi performs in Shanghai

Musashi has begun performances at the Shanghai Cultural Plaza in Shanghai, China.


Musashi celebrates its 200th performance!

Musashi has celebrated its 200th performance since it first premiered in 2009.