At the age of just 20, Tatsuya was the youngest actor to perform Hamlet on stage (in his first of two Yukio Ninagawa company productions of the famous Shakespeare play). Tatsuya reprised his role again in 2015 at the age of 32/33.

Tatsuya has worked with esteemed director Yukio Ninagawa a total of 13 times (in various theatre productions as well as the film 'Snakes and Earrings').

Tatsuya lists among his favourite sports; darts and surfing. Tatsuya has said that he is a very poor swimmer and can't swim more than 25 metres.

Tatsuya is a super huge fan of Japanese singer-songwriter Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi. In 2007, when Tatsuya attended a concert of his, Tsuyoshi brought him up on stage to sing one of his songs together. Then, in 2010, Tatsuya was invited to narrate a documentary about his favourite musician called 『長渕剛 30th Anniversary BOX〜PREMIUM of the DOCUMENT』!

Tatsuya has been a smoker from a very young age (which probably accounts for his unique voice).

In September 2013, Tatsuya announced that he planned to marry. He met his wife (who is not a celebrity and prefers to remain private) in the summer of 2004 and Tatsuya stated that their decision to marry was due to it being 10 years since they began dating. He said, "She supported me during my hard times with acting and filming, so I thought it is the time (for marriage). I'm grateful to her for staying with somebody like me for this long. She is a modest and kind person. She is a woman who has always stayed by my side, and supported me". When asked who she looks like, he answered, "I can't think of anybody who resembles her. She is more like a small animal, kind of like a meerkat. I wonder if she would get angry that I said that".

On June 16 2016, Tatsuya announced that he and his wife had their first child. Tatsuya said, "As I've gained another family member to protect, I will brace myself and devote to my acting career. Please continue to support me."

Written by Pan